Male liposuction before and after

know about man liposuction facts, benefits, cost, FAQ and so on!

male liposuction before and after ..

before starting lets see some facts ..about Male and female body fat accumulation

To protect unborn kid during pregnancy, normally young woman gathers fat in belly area. But, this belly fat becomes more visible, as skin loosen up a lot after her child birth.

Beside belly area, women are more likely to accumulate more fat in buttocks, hips and thighs and torso area than that of me.

Normally stubborn fat in love handle, belly and breast areas are common in many men.

Beside gender .. our body fat changes with our age and race. to know more you can read my other article.(coming soon)

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Fat shape: Men vs woman:

Men have thicker fat and getting rid of men’s fat cells, especially man’s chest area is hard. Men develop apple shaped fat area in their belly, torso and chest area. you may familiar with terms like ‘love handle’ or ‘beer belly’.

Liposuction can’t remove some portion of fat form men that stored under the muscle. Diet and exercise can help a lot to get rid of them.

Women get pear shaped fat area in different parts of her body.
Women thigh and belly fats are shallow, loos and easy to remove by liposuction.

Some benefits of male liposuction:

According to ASAPS, in 2009, 15% of liposuction was done in USA was in male. and more men are doing or interested on this liposuction procedures these days, as they finds liposuction procedure has less downtime than other cosmetic surgery with more invasive procedures. Recovery time is for liposuction is 3 to 5 days only.

Many men have trouble losing fat areas like love handle, stubborn belly area. love handle lies each side of the torso. Liposuction can help a lot in flank area or love handle area and abdomen area.

are you a good liposuction candidate

you have to have good physical and mental condition to to go through liposuction surgery. to know more about ideal liposuction candidate you can read my article. by clicking it.

Cost of Male liposuction before and after

In many cases doctor charges way more for man than woman for liposuction. Simply because

• Doctor has to deal with thick fibrous fat area from man and it is hard to get rid of

• And man like or interested to get rid of fibrous fat specially from chest, belly, love handle and so on.

• Doctor has to deal with comparatively bigger body areas of man than woman for liposuction.

Cost of liposuction start form about two thousand. And price will very depends on different factors like, liposuction area, location, doctor fees and so on.

To know more about liposuction cost and financing options you can check out my other article. you will als be able to know , how to get cheap cost liposuction here.


note: But you should know both for men and women, that stretch mark is not correctable by liposuction. As liposuction don’t work in outer skin where our stretch marks belong.

liposuction doctor

you should choose your liposuction doctor carefully . your doctor need to have necessary skill and experience to make your liposuction successful. he or she must be a certified doctor or member of profession association like - American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). try to see Male liposuction before and after pictures too.

to know in details - you can visit article 'how to choose a good doctor from this male liposuction before and after guide.