About liposuction history

Liposuction technique is changing every day - you might be interested in liposuction history also .. check out the common things in most liposuction and common challenges of liposuction

History of liposuction

below history will give some idea about Liposuction procedure changes in years are given below -

  • 1960 – European surgeon started using primitive curettage techniques. But this technique was not well accepted as it has problem irregular result area and bleeding.
  • 1980 - Dr. Georgio Fischer introduced MACHINE-ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION which WAS used to remove localized fat deposit.
  • 1982 –, Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz introduced "Illouz Method”. In this method using cannulas and high vacuum suction and demonstrated good result with no health problem.
  • 1985,- Klein and Lillis introduce high volume tumescent technique. In this procedure high volumes of fluid containing a local anesthetic was used for removing fat with less sallow and bruising.
  • But high volume of fluid and potential toxicity of local anesthesia with this tumescent method eventually led to the concept of lower volume "super wet" tumescence.
  • 1990- ultrasound energy was introduced to facilitate the fat removal . in this process , high frequency sound or ultra sound is used in cannula to emulsify fat cell. which helps to remove fat cell from the liposuction area.
  • to know more about liposuction technique visit here.

similarity in different technique

Yes liposuction technique changed a lot in time but some are common and did not changed a lot in most liposuction procedure works with a large tube named cannula that inserted through the skin with very small insertion. The cannula breaks apart fat cells in liposuction area and sucked out fatty tissue by vacuum suction. body lost its fluid should be replaced after surgery to make sure patient don't have shock.

Common goals in liposuction technique:
As liposuction has developed, many new ideas have emerged that have brought liposuction closer to being safe, easy, painless, and effective. But ,Still now, surgeon has challenges like..
• To make sure little or no disturbance in soft tissues like our connective tissue and blood vessels.
• To determine or remove the right amount of fat cell from the patient.
• To lessen fluid balance disturbance of the patients’
• To reduce discomfort of the patient and surgeon in extent.

But you should know
Patients after liposuction have has common complains like developing devorts and liposuction areas don't fit with the overall look. that's why re-operation are necessary in some cases which is about 15% or so. but modern technique is progressing in direction where this rate will reduce in big extend.
but you should know that aesthetic outcome depends lot on doctor experience or performance in surgery. And to know how to select a good doctor you can visit this page.

Liposuction history will give some knowledge about liposuction. If you want you can now visit liposuction before after page from this liposuction history page.