chin liposuction alternative -
safe way to remove your chin!

Try risk free exercise, diet, posture control and other natural ways before going through liposuction or surgery.

Few chin liposuction alternative s like exercise and diet are probably the cheaper and safer than that of plastic surgery or liposuction.

Posture effect

Even though it’s not possible to remove your chin or double chin, posture can give us a good appearance of your body by showing less chin . For instance, leaner neck, less chin, bigger shoulder and over all body can bring confident look in you.

If the shoulders are slouching or are bent forward, then the chest muscles slack and reduce it flexibility. But on the other extreme, if your shoulders are stretched too far back, it cause the abdomen to protrude like a pregnant person.

You can Test and Fix Your Posture if needed. you can know about different tests and tips on how to get a good standing or sitting posture there.

Exercise around neck

Get leaner & sculpted Chin within 4 weeks!

Your exercise work on muscle around chin like Platisma muscle, Mentalis muscle and some few muscles to make your fatty chin thinner. You can do this exercise stand or sitting position.

Exercise 1 : Neck tilts stretch

• Do as shown in the figure. pull your head back so that your face can face towards the celling
• Now try to kiss the celling by stretching your lips. And then hold for few second
• Do this routine for about 7 time

Note: keep your other muscle as relaxed as possible.

exercise 2: Under bite stretch

Take your bottom teeth. Put them in front of your top teeth. Then tilt you had back and open and close your mouth for about 10 time

exercise 3: Resistance neck stretch

Put resistance under your chin can put finger or your hands like the image. you can use below equipment for resistance purpose too..

one exercise equipment, named neck slimmer, put resistance under chin..are given below.. . beside neck-slimmer, there may other similar product in the market.

chin liposuction alternative imag

chin exercise equipments, cream other products to remove your chin !

There are different exercise equipments, chin cream in the market to get rid of your chin. but you should know that most of the chin creams are not approved by FDA yet.

Diet plan

just exercise alone will not bring any result .. you also need to have a good diet plan to fight your double chin. its no brainier that when you are taking junk foods, above exercise will not work .

whatever exercise you follow you need to motivated and dedicated enough to make it happens. good or crappy product ..your out come will depend on your dedication in big time. You can follow different program in market. but i recommend the program that has good exercise and diet plan altogether.

Chin Liposuction books

you can get in depth knowledge about chin liposuction alternative from books.

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