should you go through a facial liposuction?

you wil know, in facial liposuction Which facial parts generally produce good result and avarage costs of liposuction, FAQ , Post Care tips, So on

Why one considers facial liposuction ………… If you are bothered by excess stubborn fat around your facial parts like, cheeks, chin, and neck then you can chose liposuction

As exercise and a balanced diet can help your body to get a good shape or remove excess fat, but it’s rare for facial areas to get good contour or lose excess fat by exercise and diet.

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Some basics About Facial liposuction procedure

Liposuction was originally designed for removing fat or body contouring and your doctor uses special kind of tube to remove your facial fat by suction. The result is a re sculpting of problem areas into more attractive and younger facial contours.

which type of liposuction is applicable? and which is better option

Both Standard or laser liposuction can be used to get your unwanted fat remove from your neck and face area. Laser liposuction is better as not only remove excess fat it also remove skin laxity and other superficial problems like cellulite, dimpling, scaring from previous surgeries.

Source: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and RealSelf .com

Facial problem areas with Pictures

People get excess fat in facial area for many reasons for genetic trait, for aging problem, for gaining extra fat normally.

Sometime people with double or tripe chins gets excess fat in their neck and facial are for genetic attribute. Some other may get extra fat normally even after their exercise and diet. It may also possible when one get older.

Are you good candidate for the liposuction?

Patient need to be 18 years old minimum and is physically fit. You can expect good result from lipo surgery when you have good skin elasticity. There may lot other things to consider for you liposuction.

Neck liposuction

Laser Assisted liposuction can be used for the neck liposuction.Depending upon the area and surgeon skill liposuction price varies. Cost will also vary upon lot other factors which you can know more in article ‘cheap liposuction tips’. But generally price of neck liposuction will be around $2000-$4000.

But you should consult with your doctor. He or she will suggest you if you should take liposuction or other methods for your unwanted neck fat.

Preferable procedureLiposuction " cervicoplasty
Neck fat remove If you have a localized fat deposit under your chin, liposuction of this submental area, may suffice if you have excessive and poor quality skin with loose muscle bands, a formal "necklift" or cervicoplasty will be preferable
Recovery time3 hour1 week
Length of scarsLipo 1-2 "stab" 1cm incisionsCervicoplasty around and behind ears
Price Around 2000 to 4000 $Around 5000 $
Operating time4 hour1 hour

Source: By Lavinia Chong, MD - Orange County Plastic Surgeon

some facts about jowl liposuction and facial lipo

Jowls liposuction: Is it safe?

Ans : laser liposuction or standard liposuction is safe in the neck area .but when come to liposuction in your jaw area need to be more careful. You should avoid unwanted risk for that and can choose other alternatives.

Facial liposuction : is it risky?

There are some risks involved in facial liposuction, as unwanted dynamic contour irregularities and dimpling may happened. This is why facial Liposuction needs to be done carefully with and experience doctor.


Will I need a second procedure?

One procedure is usually sufficient. However, some patients require a fine-tuning procedure at a future date.

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What will my recovery be like?

Fast and for most you should listen your doctor’s instruction if you want to get full outcome from your facial liposuction procedure . You will need to wear elastic compression garments over the treated area for few days. Normally Your doctor may tell you to go home after your liposuction surgery. You might need rest for one day. some pain killer may be given by your doctor.

For full picture of you you can read liposuction recovery article.

Exercise and massage

gentle massage and a Special kind of exercise which may be recommended by your doctor for your faster healing.

what alter natives you have beside facial liposuction?

how to chose a good doctor

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Real review:

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