Test and fix : take Posture Test and know how to improve your posture !

Here videos will explain different posture tests and you will know your present condition and then if you think you need to improve your posture ..you can read below tips for good standing and sitting tips.

Few Symptoms of Bad Posture

The head is like a ball, supported by the neck. If you do a forward head posture, it causes imbalance and stress the neck and shoulders. This will lead lead to an abnormal neck curve. The stress compresses the neck discuss, stretches the surrounding nerves and leads to pains. If this continue for a long time, the spinal joins will wear out leading to degenerative disc or neck arthritis. Pain is the body's signal to you that something is not right. Do not ignore the pain. Instead do corrective action..

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Causes of Bad Posture

What are the causes of bad posture?
Some of the causes of poor head posture are: long work in front of the computer, driving long distance, and whiplash injuries sustained from car accidents. In order to reduce the pain and to save the spine, correction of the head posture is needed.

Video: Posture Tests :

The first step to correct head posture is awareness!. take simple posture Test to know about your posture.

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Stand up straight with your back and butt against the wall and touching it. Then place your feet about 6 inches from the wall. Does your head easily rest against the wall? If you can, good for you. If you can't, then you have a forward head posture problem.

How to Improve Your Head Posture?

Here are 5 simple tips to improve your posture:

1. Take frequent break from sitting too long, whether in front of your computer or driving.

2. Check the ergonomics of your work station to ensure that the screen is position at the right height.

3. Use only one pillow when you sleep. Use a good supportive pillow. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

4. Exercise your neck muscles. If it is tight, stretch it. If it is weak, strengthen it.

5. Get your chiropractor to straighten your spine.

How to improve your posture video from experts

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Good standing posture

Here are some good tips to keep your posture in the right position when you are standing:

• Hold your chest high. Be proud to show off the fruit of your chest.

• Keep your shoulders back to keep it from slouching. Relax.

• Pull in your abdomen and buttocks and not let it protrude like a pregnant person

• Keep your feet parallel like a graceful model, not like a duck.

• Distribute your weight evenly on both feet. Do not stand on one leg.

Keep your head straight vertical. Imagine there is a book on head and you are balancing it. It is a bad posture to tilt your head sideway, forward or backward. Do not lock your knees. Relax your knees.

videos to improve your sitting posture

Good sitting posture

Here are 5 simple tips for good sitting postures:

1. Choose a chair that let you rest both feet flat on the floor, with your knees on the same level as your hip. If necessary, support your feet with a footstool.

2. While sitting, your back should be against the chair, otherwise place a small cushion to support your lower back.

3. Exercise your neck by looking upwards towards the ceiling, and then looking down to the floor and tuck in your chin

4. Keep your upper back and neck straight and comfortable.

5. Keep your shoulders straight and relaxed.