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Which is the latest laser liposuction treatment? and shouldn't i go for the latest one....

Since introduction of liposuction, there were many new technology came . one of them is smart lipo which is the newest one. which is the attention-grabber for lot of us. you may feel that you need to get the latest technology by your money but its not necessarily the best one.

As your liposuction procedure does not depend only on the tools used by liposuction doctor, but mostly depends on the doctor who will perform the surgical procedure.

So both tool and doctor is important in liposuction success.

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How different types of laser lipo suctions (SmartLipo, Slim Lipo, ProLipo etc) works?

In general, every liposuction procedure is same in its the first step.

In this step, body fat is Filled with an (Tumescent) solution of dilute adrenaline and local anesthetic. In the second step,

• Of regular liposuction can be done

• In Ultrasonic (Tumescent) liposuction treatment (UAL, of which VASER – Liposuction is one type) are done

• Laser (tumescent) liposuction (for instance Smart Liposuction, Pro-Lipo, Slim-Lipo, etc) is done too. In which, a laser fiber is used to melt the extra body fat under the skin after that fat is vacuumed as like as ‘regular’ liposuction procedure do.

which is the best - Laser or traditional liposuction?

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Though, in Laser lipo quicker recovery is possible and many of us are drawn to it, it can’t be told always that its a better option than traditional liposuction treatment. As it might be a viable option to use laser lipo suction, If you want to treat just one spot. Say, for liposuction for the chin only you can use laser lipo and which is good.

But if one want to get liposuction for multiple areas. Say if you want to do lipo in thighs, arms and abdomen, than laser lipo treatment cant be possible for all three at once. You may need multiple visits to your doctor. But here traditional liposuction can be more effective as multiple sitting will not be necessary for you. With traditional liposuction, all three areas could be treated at once.

under general anesthesia, traditional liposuction treatment is the best option for larger or multiple areas of the body but laser lipo suction is best for small areas. You can return to laser liposuction from laser Liposuction faq page