liposuction candidates

What makes a good liposuction candidate?
will be discussed below

To determine good liposuction candidates , candidates may need to go through following things.

• a Complete physical exam, giving special attention to the area to be treated.

• The patient’s state of mind and psychological health will also need to be examed.

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Liposuction candidates question

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Some Facts about liposuction

  • Some are good to go through cosmetic procedure and some are not.
  • Liposuction only use for improve localized area of the body.
  • Underlying weight problem of the patient, may prevent the surgeon from achieving the best result, even if the surgeon has good skill and experience.
  • Liposuction is not cure for obesity.
  • It’s not cure for emotional problem, like, depression or bad body image.

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ideal physical conditions
for a good liposuction candidates

Ideal Physical conditions for a good liposuction candidates are given below..

Age range

Better candidate would be within 20 to 60 years old: but generally younger patient have good skin elasticity which is important for having good result. But liposuction procedure benefits everyone by shaping his or her body.

Body fat indicator: BMI: body mass index:

BMI is Body fat indicator of a person aged 20 and over. It’s important to know, how much of your body weight is body fat. This helps to know, how healthy the person is and its important factor for successful liposuction. Lower these BMI numbers are, more the healthier the person is, especially in cardiovascular disease.

How it’s calculated

BMI= Weight (in pound) divided by length2 (in inches) times 703

Say,your weight is 150 pound and your height is 5 foot and 7 inches or 67 inches
so your BMI = (150 / (67x67)) * 703 =23.5

However, BMI just indicates how heavy you are, not how healthy you are. That’s why; if waist size or belly fat can be included with BMI and it will help to indicate multiple medical problems.

Medical background of candidates

Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease are not suitable candidates for the liposuction. One going through chronic illness can be in risk of complication after liposuction. So anyone with significant medical problems should consult with a specialist before taking liposuction surgery.

The Effects of Medication

Few weeks before surgery, you may need to stop some specific medication for better result of the liposuction surgery. You should consult with your doctor, which to avoid and which is ok to take. For instance, over the counter Medication like aspirin, vitamins, and holistic herbs should be avoided. Some common herbals are also need to be avoided before liposuction. List are given there.

Sex of candidates:
It does not matter whether candidate is male or female. But 90% of the liposuction occurred in female and rest 10% liposuction is done by man. But men are interested to do liposuction these days too because of its fast recovery time.

Ideal mental condition
for a good liposuction candidates

Ideal Mental conditions for a good liposuction candidates are given below..

Psychological Fitness

It’s important to have realistic expectations about liposuction result after surgery. One looking for perfection or unrealistic expectation is not good candidates for liposuction at all.

For instance, patient with unrealistic expectation might think or assume that surgery will help to have a better social life, relationship or get a better job or so on. Which may or maynot turn true to his or her life.

Patient, looking perfection or chasing an illusion, might request his or her liposuction doctor for several procedures.

Don’t make your decision based upon friend or relatives comments or suggestions or your bad body image, Liposuction is just a procedure to get rid of localized fat and your decision solely depends on clear and complete knowledge about liposuction and realistic expectation.

Patients with Depression

Post liposuction depression may become sever sometime for patient with chronic depression.

This depression may last for weeks or few days after surgery. So its better to consult with a therapist, if someone suffers depression or go through emotional roller coaster after liposuction.

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