Approximate Liposuction Cost In Asia

Liposuction is a growing trend in cosmetic surgery but liposuction cost is becoming more expensive procedure in the United States. Many people have begun traveling abroad to other countries for cheaper procedures. Many go to Asia, as they have some of the lowest liposuction prices in the world. The liposuction cost in Asia is comparable, if not much cheaper, than most other places in the world.

liposuction cost in asia

Avarage Cost of Liposuction in Thailand, Singapure, Malysia

Plastic surgery is very popular in Thailand therefore there are surgeons in all major cities. One of the cheapest prices in Thailand for an advanced liposuction procedure is found at Dr. V Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Thailand in Phuket and runs about $1,800 USD. If you are looking for a simple liposuction procedure, there are surgery centers in Bangkok that average between $500 and $700 USD.

Liposuction costs in Singapore are a bit more expensive and averages at about $1,000 USD. This price is based on liposuction performed at NeuGlow: The Aesthetics Doctors.

Meditour Malaysia, a popular clinic in Kuala Lumpur, offers liposuction for $1,200 USD and is one of the cheapest clinics in Malaysia. A customer from the United States says they had a personal touch, professionalism, and direct answers to different questions.

Cheap liposuction and Travel Tips and Expense Plan

Patients traveling to Asia for liposuction will obviously face high transportation expenses, but if you add up all of the associated costs, having liposuction done in a less-flourishing economy than the United States you will still get a bargain.

Many people worry that cheaper prices for liposuction procedures will result in a lower quality, however that is not necessarily the case. According to various reviews, the entire experience of cosmetic surgery in Asia is great, from the accommodations to the surgical operation to the recovery period.

It is important to remember that the pricing for cosmetic surgery will vary depending on which clinic a patient visits and are now always precise. Many clinics only offer pricing options upon request and they will vary depending upon a patients exact procedure. To receive an actual cost patients will need to consult with a surgeon.

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