Liposuction FAQ

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liposuction basic

weight loss

Outcome and recovery after liposuction

  • will liposuction can help remove sagging skin?
  • will there be unbearable pain after liposuction?
  • how much bruising and swelling i have to go through
  • how long recovery it takes how soon i will see result
  • what can i expect if i get pregnant after liposuction post pregnancy fat in my abdomen




  • how to choose doctor
  • what is AACS- American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • why cosmetic surgeon perform lipoare plastic surgeon are more qualified to liposuction


what if i have complication

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Can liposuction helps lose my weight ? 
Hi i heard, liposuction surgery can lose weight.. is it true ? . i am bit over weight and tried diet and but doesn't worked for me. .

Who are the best candidates for liposuction? 
i would like to know whether i am best candidate for liposuction .. thank you

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