Liposuction gone wrong !

why it can happened to anyone - what can you do for a defective procedure, how to get a safe liposuction procedure

I wish you can avoid real risk of liposuction surgery and take safe masures when you read this article.

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Outcome of a wrong liposuction

Sometime you may find your Liposuction gone wrong for varieties of reasons - main outcomes of a wrong liposuction are-

1. Irregularity of skin contour can be the most worse outcome among other risks after liposuction

2. after liposuction Fluid can collect beneath the skin

3. Sometime Possible Infection, scars, blisters and burns are also a huge problem.

4. Additionally when a laser is used potential death of fat cells is also problem sometime

5. Physcial and mental troma can be a nigtmare after wrong liposuction. to make wrong procidure right, he or she may need to go through another liposuction or surgery .

6. if one's liposuction gone wrong and new surgery is needed, cost increases too.

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Liposuction can go wrong for below reasons

High level of cellulite:

Your cellulite level have big impact on your liposuction result. Traditional liposuction surgery is not capable of removing your cellulite . If you have a high cellulite level then your skin would feel lumpy and even deformed . Your before and after liposuction pictures might look extremely different,. Don’t worry, your Surgeons always check your cellulite levels before liposuction , he will tell you whether your level are low enough to have a good liposuction result . but they can never be 100% right.

By the way, you can know about cellulite removal from………………

suctioning fat from too shallow section

Sometime, suctioning fat from too shallow a section or having unusually sensitive skin … can cause your skin damage during procedure.

But don’t worry damaged during the procedure like pigmentation fades naturally within six months, and some cases, extra treatment can fade the discoloration.

Too much or too little fat removal cuses unsmothness–

Your skin’s profile may not smooth after lipo suction.

• If fat removal is done too aggressively or done unevenly

• This can also happen when there has been too little fat removed

• or if your Liposuction technician is inexperienced, It is critical that the person performing the procedure properly map out the areas prior to the surgery.

un matched fat removal cause Asymmetry –

Most often a problem in arms and legs, asymmetry occurs when areas that may be physically removed from each other don’t match as perfectly as they should

Every once in a while, improper fat removal will not only cause uneven skin, but an uneven silhouette, as well.. These areas require an artist’s eye and an expert’s knowledge to make sure your Liposuction results are pleasingly symmetric. What to do if liposuction gone wrong

What to do if your liposuction gone wrong already

When in doubt, set up an appointment with the doctor who performed your liposuction surgery and see them as soon as possible

In one meeting for the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) in Las Vegas a lot of emphasis was placed on how to correct deformities after a liposuction procedure.

Best of the best plastic surgeon were presented difficult cases that were corrected with fat grafting, its a type of correction that becomes even more challenging if all or most of the patient’s fat stores have already been removed in a defective liposuction procedure.

Few Facts about Fat grafting

How it works if you use it to Correct your wrong liposuction; - according To Wikipedia

FAT GRAFTING: Fat is withdrawn from the patient in one of three ways: with a syringe that has a large-bore needle or with a liposuction cannula. The fat is prepared according to the practitioner’s preferred method and then injected into the patient’s recipient site.

Fat transfer—which is also known as fat grafting, fat autographs, autologous fat transplantation, fat injecting or micro lipoinjections to physicians—is being used in cosmetic plastic surgery to:

 Smooth and repair aged hands

 Fill wrinkled, creased faces

 Create more shapely, curvaceous buttocks

 Enlarge breasts


Potential risks of any fat transfer include bleeding or hematoma, (a pool of blood forming under the skin), infection, nerve damage or wound dehiscence, when a surgical wound opens and so on

Some ground rules to get good Results…

To safeguard against poor liposuction results, it is critical to do your homework. Here are a few tips:

1. Its wise to more than one expert. More is better. Consult with multiple liposuction surgeons.

2. Thoroughly research the competency of the practitioner before choosing him or her to handle your liposuction surgery.

3. Ask your friends and other people who have used the physician to find out if they are pleased with their results.

4. Request for before - after photos of patients to know more about your doctors works.

5. Ask the physician if he or she knows how to correct bad results. If you are going for correction of your previous procedures. Some tips to get good result

6. If you have mild to moderate amounts of excess fat and skin laxity, laser lipo may work for you. Laser lipo can be used on the thighs, abdomen, arms, knees, face and neck, as well as on back fat rolls. It's also useful in treating gynecomastia (excess male breast tissue), or ''man breasts."

7. If you are in good physical condition and have good muscle tone, you will likely respond very well to laser liposuction because your muscles will provide underlying support for the tissues. If you are about 20 percent overweight or less, you are probably a good candidate for liposuction of the face, abdomen or other body area.

8. You should ask your physician for specific instructions, such as whether to stop taking certain medicines before your surgery.

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