Liposuction Procedures

Common Liposuction procedures, cost, and know if there any best procedure for liposuction !

Liposuction procedures are given below ..

1. suction assisted liposuction
2. tumescent liposuction
3. ultrasonic - assisted liposuction
4. powers assisted liposuction
5. laser liposuction

Common goals of liposuction procedures

There are different procedures to remove fat by liposuction but

some common goal or challenge are there for liposuction doctors and those are to make it painless, easy and safer.

Which is possible when?

- That surrounding tissues of liposuction area gets less bruising in surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

- Right amount of fat cells are removed from the body area.

- Keeping the fluid balance of the liposuction candidate intact.

- Reduce the discomfort of the doctor and reducing the use of general anesthesia

- And so on

Which one is the best procedure?

Each and every procedure has advantages and drawbacks. All comes with their in-built risk, so it’s not possible to say one procedure is better than others. Success of a liposuction doesn’t depends on the procedures itself but on operating doctor or surgeon. Your doctor should select your procedures based upon.

- doctor expertise and comfort :

For instance: liposuction procedures are like cars. Whatever modern car you use in race, end result will depend on mainly on driver’s skill, experience and familiarity of the car and race track.

- your liposuction area and your conditions

Liposuction procedures or techniques!

now Let’s know little bit about pros and cons of above Liposuction

1. Suction assisted liposuction

Pros: this is the earliest procedure used for liposuction. In this process fat is removed by back and forth motion of the cannula. It’s kind of dry process as it does not use external liquid to remove fat.

Cons: even though this process will remove your fat , it will probably damage surrounding tissues and causing sever bruising

2. Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction has some similarity with suction assisted liposuction but in addition this process use saline like fluid to numb the liposuction area and get rid of fat cells easily. This is the reason, it has low swallow, bruising and needs less recovery time after liposuction process.To know about Tumescent liposuction cost click here

3. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL)

In this process high frequency sound energy is used to melt fat cells. Here cannula (in internal UAL) is made such a way that ultrasound will emit from the tip of the cannula and melt felt cells. These fat is removed from the body by tumescent liposuction fat removing process

But in external UAL, high frequency sound will be given over skin without cannula.

Cons: improper handling of ultrasound energy can burn ones skin and can bring lot other complications. Know more about ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction here.

4. Powers assisted liposuction

This process uses a special kind of Vibrating cannula which helps to get rid of the fat cells easily then normal cannula. And fat cells are removed by a suction device through that hollow vibrating cannula. Here, tumescent fluid is used to remove fat easily. you can know more about Powers assisted liposuction by clicking the link.

Fewer traumas or bruising in surrounding cells is its positive side. This process work better with large fibrous area with less bruising.

5. Laser liposuction

in this liposuction technique laser energy is used to break fat cells of your body. To know more about laser liposuction procedures click here.

Cannula: commonly used tool for different liposuction

Most of the procedures used in liposuction perform by cannula which is a large hollow tube like needle with two purposes one is to break fat cells from the body and then sucked out of the body. Cannula is inserted with small incision to break fat cells. And then these cells are moved out of the body by a sucking device through hollow cannula.

liposuction procedures cost

liposuction cost depends on different factors like - liposuction area, number of area, anesthesia, doctors fee and so on.