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Frequencty asked question about liposuction weight loss

Commeon question asked by patients about liposuction and weight loss are -

  1. can i lose weight by liposuciton?
  2. is there maximum amount of fat that can be removed.
  3. Can fat can come back after liposuction?
  4. What happened if I gain weight after liposuction?
  5. If I gain weight, where the fat goes?
  6. Does it give permanent result?
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1#Can I lose weight by liposuction?

Liposuction is for body sculpting... That means you will get a good shape after liposuction but major weight loss may or may not occur.

You may lose 2 kg of your weight after removing 1 kilo fat from your body by liposuction. But for major liposuction in areas like abdomen, west and lower is done in large patient, weight loss may be huge.

Whatever outcome you may get in your liposuction – you should know, Liposuction is not medically approved weight loss process but for having a good shape.

2# What is the maximum amount of fat that can be removed?

Maximum amount of fat that can be removed is somewhat around six pound which is control by the states laws. Removed fat more than 6 is come with its own risk.

If surgeon needs to do major liposuctions (removing fat more than 6 pound)

then he need to do it in hospital setting with more than one stage for safety purposes.

Many surgeons are not comfortable to remove more than 4 pounds of fat in one liposuction surgery.

3# Can fat come back after liposuction?

This is one of the most common liposuction weight loss questions.

Doctor remove fat cells from the area of liposuction but weight of the patient may still increase by enlarging the remaining fat cells. by the way, it’s not possible or good to remove all the fat cell from the liposuction area.

We born with specific no of fat cells. Our weight increases or decrease by enlarging or decreasing the size of fat cells accordingly. You can know more about fat cells by clicking here.

After liposuction, remaining fat cells can enlarge and increase your weight. but will not likely to happened if you take good care of yourself. Maintain a good dietary plan and exercise.

4# What happened if I gain weight after my liposuction?

Result of the liposuction will be not so noticeable or dramatic if one gain weight after liposuction.

to see noticeable result After liposuction, a patient should weigh less by the amount of removed fat at least.

say your weight is 170 pound before liposuction and you removed 8 pound fat in total in two liposuction from your body. then your ideal weight will be (170- 8) pound or less to see noticeable liposuction result.

5# If I gain weight, where the fat goes?

If one get weight after liposuction, fat will accumulate in remaining fat cells of the body.

Say a woman go through liposuction in the belly, outer and inner thigh areas. Then fat will accumulate proportionately most probably in other areas where liposuction is not done... In this case it fat may accumulate in breast, arm area, face, back area or so on.

So it’s better to keep healthy lifestyle even after liposuction to prevent gaining weight after liposuction.

6# Is the result will be permanent?

Result will be noticeable and long lasting if patient don’t gain huge weight after liposuction. By the way, result also depends on aging process (sagging for example) and other normal phenomenon of our life in general.

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