Male Breast Reduction

breast reduction by liposuction can be great choice to get rid of your man boob !

Male breast reduction by liposuction or other procedures is increasing now a days. 40 percent of men are affected by hormone imbalance and develop bigger breast name ‘female breast’ .

many don’t like to discuss or expose their body with bigger breast in public.

some don’t care at all even if its bit bigger or noticeable. Some other men care even if his breast is small or almost unrecognizable. And It’s totally subjective to men.

Male breast reduction is possible by Liposuction and other procedures and you can know it more below.

Male fat accumulation in general is different than that of female. And its hard to remove thick fibrous fat from male breast. And its comparatively easy to reduce less fibrous fat cells from female breast.

Why man get boobs !

• Puberty: when body transform or turn into man, there can be lag of testosterone hormone. Another hormone ‘estrogen’ can cause man boob at this time. About 65% of 14 years old face this problem but 90% get out of this problem normally within 18 month to 3 years. Rest 10% can get help from liposuction if they think it’s necessary.

• Men can have increased breast size after or during prostate cancer treatment (estrogen is given as part of treatment)

• Beside above reason alcohol addiction, renal failure, and reaction to certain drug can cause increase male breast size.

Breast reduction can be useful but doctor have to find out whether excess breast tissue is fatty or glandular. If it’s mainly fatty tissue then liposuction can be useful a lot.

Surgical Options for man !

There are two options to reduce male breast: one liposuction or cutting out excess glandular tissues or both. Most common is male liposuction and second one or plastic surgery which is used for more cosmetic reason.

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Recovery period

Down time is less in liposuction than that of cosmetic surgery.Anyway there are some complication in liposuction and surgery...

Complications are-

• Complication like scarring is common in cosmetic surgery procedure and in liposuction scarring is minimum as it need small incision.

• If ones scar is exposed within 6 month to sunlight after surgery then it might cause pigmentation.

• Numbness is also can occur in nipple area and it may worsen sometime if your nipples are moved in your cosmetic surgery.

Alternatives to surgery !

Herbal pills and Supplements

Those are used as alternative of surgery. And those alternatives are low price and with less risk or Side-effects then that of surgery or liposuction. Some supplement work by burning male breast fat tissues. And it was also claimed that some supplements burn unwanted fat cells and tighten the skin or prevent sagging.

exercise and diet

male liposuction cost

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