MY Laser liposuction Review

by Lilly
(California, USA)

i want to share from my diary Abdominal liposuction Reviews with you all. Hope it will help others who want to go through liposuction.. i use to write diary those days ...

i spent around $3,500 in Mc Lean, VA
I have always wanted that coveted flat belly, and after months of dieting, workouts that included p90 x and activities like Zumba, I found that there was practically no way that I was getting rid of the fat on my lower abs and the unpleasant love handles, so as a last resort I decided to move forward with the surgery. Currently I am 128lbs at the age of 24.

Day 1 of Surgery:
Though very nervous but knowing that I was in good hands was some respite, perhaps the only thing that hurt in the procedure was the IV needle that put me to sleep, which makes it not so bad.When I woke up, I was in a world of pain almost like I had been beaten up, as a cure for which the nurse gave me a pill and I was sent home to lie down and sleep.

Day 2 Still in quite pain

Day 3-5 Felt better than Day1 for sure, at day 4 I was able to get out of bed without taking help from anyone. I can see some changes in my belly but since it’s still swollen it’s hard to tell, though it looks definitely flatter. Also my stomach feels quiet tight and numb, plus they said that they’ll be removing the drains tomorrow, let’s just hope it doesn’t hurt, my pain threshold is not that high.
Day 6
The drains were finally removed, and thank the heavens it was virtually painless, the gentle doctor was very good! So far I love my results, even though there’s still some swelling, which they say is normal for 6 days post operation, so I cannot wait till I see the final result.

2 Weeks post operation:
There are horrible lumps, even though the Plastic Surgeon says that they shall go away, which I am hoping that they do, they are freaking me out right now. My stock looks so ugly right now, even though it looked so great the first day, but from the second week it’s looking worse every time I look at it, has anyone had a similar experience, this is making me so sad!

These horrible lumps still won’t go... I even had to cancel a vacation because of them, lost almost $100 on reservations… I feel so incredible disappointed and at this point of time it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better, Is there anyone out there who had lumps which are gone now. I’ve been massaging continuously, but to no avail.

Finally a silver lining, looks like the bumps are going down a little, I just hope they do… shall post pictures as soon as they get better.

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Jul 10, 2012
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you Lilly for sharing

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