Power Assisted Liposuction - Reviews, Pros and cons, Cost and Risks !

Power assisted liposuction procedure can shape your body by removing fat safely with less bruising. Special type of cannula along with Tumescent Process is used altogether to reduce bruising.

Here, rapidly vibrating Cannula breaks fat area easily and then sucked out of the body easily by suction. It can reduces your fat safely with less risk possible.

Which ensure faster recovery period with less complication. Doctor also can reduce liposuction surgery time in PAL process.

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Used vibrating Cannula in PAL

Cannula used in Pal has two purpose: one vibrating rapidly and other is to sucking fat. This special types of cannula has rapid Vibration that allows fat cell to be loosen gently and sucked out easily. Small, precise and rapid vibration of this cannula and Small incision produce by this special cannula make your liposuction safe and reduce recovery time a lot. This pal cannula helps to target specific area without destroying surrounding tissues.

Power Assisted Liposuction Pros and Cons

PAL Benefits

• From surgeons points of view : Need less force during PAL liposuction procedure compare to normal suction assisted liposuction. Which ensure good out come as fatigue for back and forth motion cannula is hard to control for long time in surgery.

• More fat possible to remove by PAL . one study from at Tulane University Health Sciences Center shows that 30 % more fat can be removed by pal compared to normal manual procedures.

• Recovery period reduces and bruising also decreases using PAL procedure. That’s why it’s now is used for sculpting areas like inner thigh, belly button areas and male breast areas and so on.

• Unlike traditional procedures for liposuction, Pal helps lessen the surgery time too


There are some degrees of risk involve in any types of surgery, so you should know that pal is not full risk free process. Every procedures of liposuction comes with benefits and in built risk. Whatever procedure is used or taken , success of your liposuction result depends mainly on your doctors skill and experience a lot. So you should select you PAL doctor carefully, you can know more about it here.

After PAL you may find problem like loose skin, which can be remove in time naturally or by extra treatment.You may get find pigmentation in skin after surgery. Sometime, left over fluid after tumescent liposuction reach in lung and cause harmful effect. To know more about liposuction risks here.

PAL liposuction equipment

PAL Cost

your power assisted liposuction cost varies a lot on area of liposuction and number of body areas . to know more about cost check out this article . Cost range for this type of liposuction is about two thousand to eight thousand dollar .