Are you thinking about smartlipo for yourself?..Know About This Latest Tech

Smartlio is one of the improvements of Laser liposuction The newest version is called SmartlipoMPX. Sometime, when your Diet and exercise is not enough to remove unwanted stubborn fat of yours .. you might consider Smartlipo or other liposuction procedure.

Fat removed once by this procidure, does not come back in that area because our body can not produce more fat cells, only those can get bigger.

Areas you can treat well are ..

This method is used mainly to treat your localized fat deposits(such as "love handles" double chins, inside of thighs, upper outer thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms, breasts in men).

Generally it use to remove about 5 pound of fat in one session but It can remove more when its used with traditional laser liposuction.

Are you a good candidate?

• He or she posses good health and have an active lifestyle.

• patient must not be overweight.

This method is not suitable for patients who have problems with blood or kidney, diabetes or liver problems.

Note: its fully approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). It is broadly used in the U.S., Japan, Australia, Germany, Brazil and France.

Frequently asked Questions About Smart lpo given below

How does SmartLipo-treatment work ?

In smart lipo laser energy is used for melting excess fat. Our fat cells burst when they are exposed to lower energy than other cells . the fat cells burst and become liquid in contrast to surrounding tissues when lower energy is given into a fat deposit.

Before and after and during surgery what happened to a patient? How long will I be off work?

During surgery the patient can be awake, he or she is alert the whole time. They can return to normal activities after few days of surgery since it requires virtually no downtime. He or she will experience less swelling and bruising after their surgery.

Moreover, you may notice your skin looks and feels smooth and regenerated after surgery.

Do one need anesthesia?

don’t need if it is a less invasive process

can obesity treated by this procedure?

This method is not made to treat obesity in the first place.

What are the Differences between Smartlipo and liposuction?

1. Minimal recovery time is one big benefit of smart lipo

2. After a smart lipo , its likely to have less lose skin in liposuction area .

3. After surgery, Smart lipo offers Less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction .

4. During surgery smart lipo produce less discomfort too

5. But smart lipo is not use to remove big amount of fat

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