Suction Assisted Liposuction

know about this dry process, review, pros and cons, Cost, risk and so on

Suction assisted liposuction is for shaping your body or to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat cells that don’t go easily even after exercise and diet. It was the first fat removal process introduce as liposuction.

By the way, you will lose weight after liposuction, but it’s not a weightloss process or alternative

to exercise or healthy living. On the contrary liposuction encourages exercise and healthy life style.

In Suction Assisted Liposuction (ASL) procedure, your doctor will use cannula, which is small hollow tube to suck the fat cells out from your body. Doctor uses tiny incision in your skin to reach fat cells and move cannula in push and pull manner to break fat cells. After that, with help of a sucking device, cannula can suck fat cells out from your body.

Areas you can shape using this procedures are given below..

Liposuction works on many areas and you can shape your abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, face, lips, neck. Men usually remove excess fat from abdomen, love handle, neck area.

Are you Ideal candidate?

As a Ideal candidate for SAL, you need to have good physical and mental health to go through this liposuction process . Liposuction is a surgery and like all type of surgery, there are in built risk involved. So you should prepare yourself for your liposuction. And you must have a realistic expectation about your outcome. For more details you can check out my articles about ideal Liposuction candidates.

Suction assisted liposuction cost

Liposuction cost depends on many factors besides doctor fees. Your fees will very on your liposuction area, number of areas, location of the surgery and so on. To know how to reduce your liposuction cost you can read my other article on it. You should have good financing plan too.

But you should not focus too much on reducing cost on your doctor. As your liposuction result will mainly depends on your doctor skill and experience . highly experience and skilled doctor will cost more but it will reduce your cost in long run.

Risk and Recovery time

It’s kind of dry process, as no fluid or liquid is introduced to remove fat cells. Surrounding soft tissues and nerves damages is common in this process and this bruising lengthens the recovery time. For more recovery tips you read my article too.

Moreover , you need to have skilled anesthetist as general anesthesia is used to operate your surgery.

Suction assisted liposuction recovery

Bruising, bleeding and infection are main risk after or during surgery of SAL. In few cases loose skin and lumpiness can destroy your expected result. That’s why one should chose his or her doctor carefully who have experience and skill enough to make your liposuction suction with less risk.

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