what is liposuction and how it works ..
and liposuction Techniques

Liposuction procedures removes gently our fat cell of the localized area of the body , without damaging blood vessel or connecting tissues.

Where cannula (attached with a suction device) is used to remove localized fat from our tissues. Removed fat is then kept in sterile solution.

but what are fat cells ?

Fat cell are important as the give us energy when needed. but some time our body accumulates unwanted fat cell in some areas.

Some facts about our fat cell-

  • we born with certain number of fat cells - we gain weight when fat cell size is increased and we lose our weight when fat cell shrinks
  • overall shape determined by location and abundance of fat cell
  • our fat deposit not affected or control by diet and exercise

Why fat cell size increase or our weight increases?

When our age increases, metabolism also decreases. That’s why, to maintain healthy weight, it become necessary do below things

  • to do more exercise
  • or reduce diet intake

Otherwise, our weight increases by enlarging the size of the fat cells. by the way we already know, we have certain no of fat cells and they just enlarge or shrink with our weight increase or decrease accordingly.

when liposuction is done in an area, new fat cells can't be produce after liposuction - so low risk of gaining weight in those performed areas. But other areas are not so safe, unless one take care of his or her health. Liposuction is not alternative of one’s healthy living - (diet and exercise) Liposuction is not for weightloss!! It may surprise many people that liposuction is not for weight loss . it’s for body contouring. when diet and exercise fails to give a good shape .. liposuction can be performed. That’s why, sometime triathlete or people from army or navy do liposuction. Liposuction vs liposculpture - both procedure remove fat from our body but in lipo-sculpture can give you precise result or better shape than that of liposuction.

Liposuction Techniques

Normally, fat cell is removed by a cannula (one kind of hollow tube - you can see picture below) and a suction device called aspirator.

Liposuction techniques differ by the injected fluid amount and by the mechanism in which the cannula works.

liposcution techniques are

  1. suction assisted liposuction
  2. tumscent liposuction
  3. ultrasonic - assisted liposuction
  4. powers assisted liposuction

5. External- assisted liposuction

6. smart lipo- assisted liposuction

7. slim lipo

8. micro lipo

9. body zet liposuction

1. Suction assisted liposuction

its the earliest procidure used before in liposuction. in that process fat dislosged by canulla moving back and forth in liposuction area. this process is consider as dry method, as extra fluid was not used to flash out fat cells.

Beside removing fat cells , it also damage surronding tissue, causing extensive brusing.

2. Tumscent liposuction

this is wet process and in this process special saline solution is used to numb and reduce blood flow in liposuction area.

Tumscent fluid allow flash fat cell with less sollow, brusing that helps patient to go through less complication with short recoveery time.

3. ultrasonic -assisted liposuction

in this process , special kind of cannula is used. high frequency sound is used in cannula here to emelsify fat cell. which helps to remove fat cell from the liposuction area.

4. powers assisted liposuction

in this process fat cells are disrupts by vibration of mechanised cannula. causing fat cell to detouch from surrounding tissues. these fat is flashed out and removed from the body by suction.

this process is better than other liposuction process, as this process allow less amount of trauma or brusing in surronding cells

5. External ultrasonic - assisted lipposuction

in this process high frequency sound wave is used over the skin to disrupt or liquefy fat cells of the liposuction area into sour cream.

this connective tissues and blood tissues remain intact. this process can be used to work with large fibirous area with less swelling and discomfort.

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